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I know you love watching “WHAT LIFE TOOK FROM ME” and yes am also a big fan. What makes me love the telenovela the most is the theme song. It talks about a lot and trust Chris Handler, i did all i could to get you the song, and even it’s translated meaning. Hmm, the kind of stuff i do for my readers. So, enjoy the lyrics below, download the song by popular Spanish musician Enrique Iglesias all right here on Ghbase.Com.  I also know you would want me to continue with the story but noo, i want you to enjoy the suspense that comes with it. I have attached some images, so you can derive some suspense.

In the meantime, watch the video, learn the lyrics and download the song to your phone and share with your friends.

What Life Took From me Lyrics in English

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What more do you want from me
    When the past is proof of your love
    And I don’t have the courage
    To escape from the pain forever
    It’s too much of me to ask
    For us to continue in this hypocrisy
    How much longer will I be able to live
    In the same lie

    No, don’t go around bragging, no
    That you’ve stolen my heart
    And I have nothing more [to give]
    Yes, I’d rather be the loser
    The one who has given you everything
    And I have nothing more [to give]
    I have nothing more [to give]…

    I can no longer continue
    Resisting that strange sensation
    It chills [over] my skin
    Like the winter out of season
    Your gaze and my gaze
    Ignoring each other in the distance
    All has become meaningless
    And emptiness is better than forgetting

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    I prefer to let you go
    Than to be your prisoner
    And don’t go around
    Claiming to be the mistress of my emotions

    What more do you want from me
    When the past is proof of your love

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And i have some bad news too, Monseratt, known in real life as Angelique Boyer has lost her mum. I meant her real mum. She’s going through a tough time right now, and the telenovela has been put on hold in their country, but it wouldn’t affect episodes been shown here in Ghana.  I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, so let’s just leave it there.








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