Valentine Michael Manson: The Untold truth about Charles Manson’s son

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Valentine Michael Manson is better known to be the son of the late cult leader, Charles Manson who used to run the Mansion Family. The cult was responsible for many murders which led to his arrest including his wife.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss more about Valentine Michael Manson and the various activities of his parents which include a string of murders and imprisonment.

Who is Valentine Michael Manson?

Valentine Michael Manson was born on April 15th, 1968 in Los Angeles, California United States of America and as of 2022 he is 54 years old and due to his quest to live a life away from the public eye there is not much information about him but the deeds of his parents can be used as a full history book.

Valentine Michael Manson
Valentine Michael Manson

The Manson Family

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Valentine Michael Manson’s parents were the founders of the Manson family as his father, Charles Manson was a criminal for most of his life. With her petty crimes, he was placed behind bars and later got released in 1967 he relocated to San Francisco, California, and not being able to get a job he started begging on the street where he met his wife, Mary Brunner, Valentine Michael Manson’s mother who was a library assistant and he won her with his charm then started living together.

As they were together, Charles convince his wife to invite people to their home and most of them were young women who were charmed by the prospect of the hippie lifestyle.

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Mary got pregnant when the group traveled across United States Southwest but due to Charles’s attitude of hating his family members for going to the hospital, Valentine was born while the family was staying in a decrepit house in Topanga Canyon. Police arrested Valentine’s mother and other members of the group after seeing them naked in a ditch inside a bus a few weeks after he was born but they were released. As Valentine was found in a poor condition the police took him away.

The Manson Family murders

The grandparents of Valentine Michael Manson became concerned after the initial arrest of his mother because Charles Manson started believing himself as a reincarnation of Christ and his teachings were based on himself. He was good at manipulating people and often use sex as a way to recruit or gain favors hence many of his followers swallowed his charm

Some members of the Mansion Family later murdered a music teacher who refused to join them and give access to his resources but it was reported that Charles Manson was the one behind the murder and used his with to cover up his family’s actions. Aside from this, there were more murders where they killed a pregnant actress, Sharon Tete. When police busted Charles the family went on a crime spree with protest just goy free Charles. Mary Brunner was also sentenced to life in prison after being involved in a shootout in Hawthorne, California.

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Valentine Michael Manson’s personal life

Valentine Michael Manson is said to be married with children but due to his parent’s legacy he lives a private life and information about his children and wife is not publicly available

His father, Charles Manson died from colon cancer complications in 2017 and following his death, about three people came out claiming to have his last will but Valentine Michael Manson didn’t attend any of the events that had to do with his father. Valentine approached the media to clear the air that his real parents are his grandparents because they adopted him as he refused to associate himself with his father’s legacy and also destroyed any letter his father was sent him from prison but remained closed to his mother.

Manson Family aftermath murder

Valentine Michael Manson was sheltered by his grandparents and also grew up in a much better environment hence he consider them as his real parents as they showed him love. His mother was later released on parole in late 1970 due to her good behavior after being sentenced to life imprisonment.

Mary Brunner went away from the public domain after her release hence much is not known about her but reconnected with Valentine

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