Veteran Kumawood actor, Agya Manu buried in a strange looking coffin

VeteranKumawood actor, Agya Manu who passed away on June 16 this year was finally laid to rest over the weekend.

He passed on at the age of 50 after battling with a brief illness. He was survived by five children and grandchildren.

Given a befitting burial with his status as a creator and movie enthusiast, the actor who starred in over 100 movies was buried with a casket designed like a canon digital camera to give a depiction of how the veteran actor’s life was shot through a lens giving movie lovers a glimpse of what he was made of.

His colleagues in the movie industry paid their final respects to his memory as they thronged the venue to mourn him. Notable among the actors were Christiana Awuni, Agya Koo, Bill Asamoah, Lilwin, Oboy Siki, Sumsum, Auntie B, Akyere Bruwaa, Matilda Asare among others.


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