Veterans in the game must pack their bags and leave the scene for the young ones to shine- Abraham Ohene-Djan 

Seasoned filmmaker and CEO/MD Creative Director at Ohenemedia (OM) Abraham Ohene-Djan has suggested that to sustain the industry, veterans in the game must exit the scene to make way for emerging talents to take centre stage.

Abraham who was one of the most sought-after video directors during the early stage of Hiplife made this submission on 3FM during an interaction with Giovani Caleb on the Drive show.

“I believe that when you do something and it reaches a certain stage you should step aside no matter how good you are to allow the generation behind to also shine,” he said.

He added; “I stopped putting my name on videos in the mid-2000s and gave everyone in my company the opportunity to put their names on videos. I stepped aside a little so others could get the space to show what they can do,” the CEO said.

Abraham Ohene-Djan said he has fully retired and this has given him the chance to groom the crop of talents he has at his disposal to fully harness their potential.

Abraham during his prime, also shot commercials, documentaries, and music videos and has been doing this for almost three decades.



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