VGMA has been awarding so many lazy artistes – DJ Azonto claims

DJ Azonto has come forward with some bold accusations against the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

During an interview on Property FM in Cape Coast, he said that the VGMA is collaborating with artists who lack motivation and drive.

According to him, he believes he holds the key to solving the issues and obstacles that the VGMA faces. This conviction stems from his personal experience of being denied an award last year.

With his determination and passion, DJ Azonto is ready to make a difference in the music industry and bring about positive change.

He said, “As for the problems that VGMA is having, I’m the only one who can solve their problems because they have a very big problem. VGMA is working with so many lazy artistes and so when you work with so many lazy artistes what you expect to get is a lot of problems.”

“But Alordia doesn’t work with lazy artistes that’s why he didn’t invite the likes of Wendy Shay, Kuami Eugene or KiDi for the GMA-UK event. I wasn’t allowed to perform at the VGMA but I thank them for inviting me on stage and if they do their things properly I think that we’ll go far.”

DJ Azonto says he was the most booked artiste in 2023


DJ Azonto

In that very interview, DJ Azonto proudly declared himself the most sought-after artiste of last year.

Despite being a fresh face in the music industry, he revealed that he had taken center stage at numerous shows throughout 2023.

He said, “I’ve been following music for some time now and I’ve been a radio DJ for more than 10 radio stations but I’ve never seen a new artist like myself headlining so many shows. In 2023 alone I headlined a lot of shows including that of TV3, Adom TV Easter, Atinka FM show, Odwira Festival among others making me the most booked artiste.”

“So I keep on asking myself what’s so special about me that I get booked all the time for shows and I see it to be the blessing of God. Because I do better than all the other artistes in Ghana and lackadaisical performances at events by other artistes don’t help us to get sponsors.”


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