Viasat 1 Sparks The Ignition Of Anger Of Tv3 & Ghone| George Quaye & Nana Ama Not Soo Happy For Being Mocked In Their Humour Centered Award Show JIGWE

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Today, December 23rd 2014, will obviously be recorded in the history books of Ghana! Viasat 1 has been slapped hard on the face by most people for introducing a satire awards scheme on their tv station. They have an award show called the JIGWE 2014, which will be airing today, Tuesday December 22nd on their This Morning Breakufast show.

The Jigwe Awards aims at awarding some key personalities that have not only appeared on the show but individuals, organizations and events that have attracted the most headlines and have been the most talked about for various reasons this year.

A look at the nominations is incredible funny and everyone cant wait to see who will win in each of their categories.

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Well, some key personalities have not taken this lightly and with anger burning inside them like coal, have vented out their anger on Viasat 1. One television personality who did not take this lightly is Nana Aba Anamoah of TV3. She insulted Viasat 1 on live television on their breakfast show. Watch the video below:

Another key personality who has registered his displeasure for having the televison station he works for nominated in the copy-cut televison station of the year alongside UTV, Etv and Tv3 is George Quaye, host of the Pundits om Ghone.  In a Facebook post,  he ranted:

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george quayeI really don’t know who asked our good friends at Viasat Ghana to swim across sharks while bleeding. All I can say is, I wouldn’t watch next Tuesdays edition of THE PUNDITS if I were them.‪#‎awardsfun‬. “…when you prick us, do we not bleed? When you tickle us, do we not laugh? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge…? William Shakespeare… lol. Can’t wait for Tuesday

The funny thing too is, in the best breakfast show of the year category, they nominated only their Morning show “This Morning” implying that, no breakfast show on television is good enough to even compete with them.

It appears, Viasat 1 has over-played it’s humoured centered award show but will that stop them from announcing winners or even hosting the show? We will bring you the update on this after the show and what George Quaye and his panelist will be saying tonight on the pundits.


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