Victoria Lebene Rains curses On Kobi Rana Over Cheating Allegations

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Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Victoria Lebene has made it clear in her message, which she posted on Instagram, that while everyone has the right to their own opinion, disseminating false information about her would not be accepted.

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On March 13, 2023, controversial  blogger Eugene Nkansah, also known as Nkonkonsa, the husband of Victoria, was attacked by musician and actor Kobi Rana.

Kobi Rana expressed his displeasure with the blogger in a post on his Instagram, accusing him of writing disparaging things about him merely to garner likes and comments.
Kobi Rana said he didn’t mind if bloggers didn’t post about or support his work. Without their assistance, he had maintained his control over Ghana’s film industry.

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Don’t spew lies about a powerful warrior; everyone is entitled to their rage, anger, or opinion, but if you utter what isn’t the truth about me, you will face a powerful wrath! Mark my words! Eugene Nkansah, after all, that happened last year. you have the idiocy to post me again for stupid attention.” He had written in a post.

The next time you post me again, I will give you enough reason to go for a DNA test. Your stinking marriage is what needs blogging,” Kobi Rana added.

Kobi Rana even went so far as to threaten Eugene Nkansah, saying that if he tried to publish anything negative about him once again, he would give him good reason to demand that his kids undergo DNA testing.

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Reacting to this in a recent Instagram post, Victoria Lebene responded by saying that anyone who spreads false information about her will incur God’s vengeance.
Everyone has a right to their rage, anger, and opinions, but the actress claims that those who disparage her will incur the ferocious wrath of God.


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