VIDEO: A city in Brazil unites to sing praises to God over the outbreak of Coronavirus

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The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus is really putting countries and its citizens into a real state of fear and since no vaccine has been developed, the only thing most people now rely on is hand sanitizer.

Aside from that, those who have faith in God have resorted to relying on God’s mercy to heal the world and those infected with the deadly virus.

Well, we intercepted a video of which sees a whole city in Brazil singing a popular Christian prayer song dubbed ‘because He lives’ as a way of inviting God to intervene in these hard times.

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From the video, one can clearly see that it’s the most beautiful way to be united in prayer in these hard times. In the video, the song was been played loudly in the city and interestingly everyone sang along from his/her home.

Most people came closer to their windows and with their phone lights on, sang along together as they are currently on lockdown.

On March 23, Brazil had 34 deaths from COVID-19. The new number of patients represents an increase of 22% in relation to the 1,546 cases registered until Sunday (22).

Watch the video below:

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