VIDEO: Actress Mide Martins Nearly Broke Her Skull Filming New Movie

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Actress Mide Martins went into a new video shoot with much enthusiasm as always little did she know it was going to lead to some headache for her shortly into the shooting.

Mide Martins, who mostly stars in Yoruba movies, had a near-fatal head injury while on set filming the new movie as she could be heard groaning in pain whiles holding her skull after falling and hitting her head on the floor.

She, after the incident, shared the video on her Instagram page for people to see what they actresses and actors go through on set to bring us the beautiful movies that we watch.

She stated, as at the sharing of the video, that she hadn’t recovered but prayed to God to bless the life of every hustler out there as it takes a lot to bring food to the table.

She captioned the video; LIFE OF AN ACTOR!!! Still Haven’t Recovered From The Injury I Got Hitting My Head Badly On The Tiles 🤕🤕 May God Almighty Bless Every Hustler Out There!!!

Watch it below;


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