Video: Actress Vivian Okyere Speaks About Her Relationship With Yaw Dabo & Blames GH Bloggers

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Yaw Dabo & Vivian Okyere

The internet has been flooded with news concerning an alleged amorous relationship between Kumawood Tundra, Vivian Okyere, and midget  actor Yaw Dabo. Likewise, not long ago, wedding news between the synthetic love birds surfaced online, however,  Yaw Dabo came out to nullify the clickbaits.


It’s not surprising that there exist bunch of relationship rumours from their end because each of them at a point in time has nodded in agreement about their relationship. Meanwhile, some people have never believed in them taking into consideration the heavy natural back-load caried by Vivian Okyere which is direct opposite of Yaw Dabo.


Yaw Dabo & Vivian Okyere


In a new twist, actress Vivian Okyere who prides herself as ‘Kumawood Tundra’ in an interview with QuooFante, host of ‘AroundTown Entertainment’ on Kessben TV and made it available to Adu Sarpeah of declared every relationship rumour with Yaw Dabo null and void! She posited in the interview that there’s nothing serious going on and that she’s even dating someone outside the industry.


I do have a serious boyfriend who’s not an industry person. Therefore, there’s nothing amorous between us as Ghanaians have made to believe. The truth is that I’m close to him because of the negative perception people have developed about ‘dwarf like’ beings like Yaw Dabo so I can give him comfort. There’s never a dull moment when you’re with Yaw Dabo. So I just like him but he is not my boyfriend and will never be”, Vivian Okyere stressed.


In other words, she criticized Ghanaian bloggers for feeding the public with false news about their relationship. When probed by the host, QuooFante, she revealed that;


The bloggers are having fun! I believe they do not have enough traffic worthy stories in their backyard to blog so anything goes. Although I don’t have issues with the bloggers so they should’ve contacted me for an interview to authenticate the relationship rumours. So I wonder how they came up with the dating stories headlines”, she lamented.


Watch the interview below:


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