(+VIDEO) Akatsi: Police arrests and put young school girl in uniform behind bars with criminals

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A video going viral on social media sees a young schoolgirl in uniform being arrested and put behind bars by the Police in Akatsi, the capital of Akatsi South District, a district in the Volta Region of Ghana.

According to a report by adomonline, the culprit (name withheld) was arrested while still wearing her uniform for defying police officers who stormed her home in order to make an arrest.

Chief Superintendent Gelefo, the Akatsi Police Commander, in his explanation mentioned that his officers went to the chief’s palace to arrest a man who had electricity power issues with his landlord.

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During the chaos, the young girl in school uniform allegedly hit the police van, resulting in a fight between the family and the officers, for which she was arrested.

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He went on to say that after noticing the man’s absence, the cops decided to invite his wife to the station, which set off a chain of events.

It is alleged that the suspect and her family not only interfered with the investigation but that they also demanded that the police officers march before the chief, which the officers refused to do.

The police officers allegedly verbally abused Siseve Selasie, a family head who mediated the arrest and assaulted the suspect’s wife with pepper spray, according to Siseve Selasie, a family head who mediated the arrest.

He claimed that police officers fired warning shots before arresting both the suspect’s wife and the 16-year-old for allegedly crashing their car.

Mr. Appiah has serious doubts about this, especially in light of the arrest and crime committed by the child.

According to him, a juvenile trial would have been the most appropriate approach to the situation.

See the video below;

Meanwhile, Bright Appiah, the Executive Director of Child Rights International, has chastised the Akatsi District Police for detaining a 16-year-old JHS student.

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