Video: Angel Obinim Dances ‘Acrobatics’ On The Floor After Church Member Won 300k Cedis Lottery Cash

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It’s obvious that founder and leader of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim better known as Angel Obinim is a man of controversies.


Truth be told, the scandals and controversies which shroud his image should make any discerning person shun him and anything that he represents. However, the 21st century Ghanaian Christian won’t permit that for it’s written in Psalm 105:15; “Do not touch My anointed ones; do no harm to My prophets.”

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In this latest incident, a male church member informed the Bishop that he had landed a cool 300k win and the Bishop could not hold down his happiness.

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Fast forward, Obinim took to the floor of his church to celebrate in joy. He’s seen in the video seen rolling on the floor in that ‘super rolling’ style – don’t know how they call that, but football players use to do that when they score a marvelous goal.


Watch Obinim’s acrobatic display below:


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