VIDEO: Another public proposal goes wrong as Lady sadly rejects boyfriend after several years of dating

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Ladies rejecting their boyfriends’ proposal in public have now become a norm and have been seen countless times these days but the one below will surely bring tears in your eyes as a man has revealed how he was shamed publicly and left heartbroken after his girlfriend turned down his proposal after many years of dating.

The man in question took to his social media to share a video of her fiance rejecting his proposal after he staged it.

With a standby camera, he knelt down before his unsuspecting girlfriend.

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The lady who waited to listen to her boyfriend’s proposal refused and walked away leaving the young man in a sad manner.

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This video which has gone viral has attracted the attention of social media users. A number of them commented on the action of the lady.

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Most of them faulted the man for not asking her in private before proposing publicly.

Watch the video below:


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