Video: Ayisha Modi descends heavily on Nana Agradaa, vows to deal ruthlessly with her

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Ayisha Modi has issued a stern warning to popular Ghanaian traditional priestess, Nana Agradaa. Her warning follows allegations that Nana Agradaa has for some time now been badmouthing Rev Obofour.

Reacting to such, Ayisha stated that she will force Agradaa to stop spewing lies about her godfather (Obofuor).

She stressed that no one will hurt any of her family members and get away with it.

“I swear with God who made me, I won’t take any sh*t from anyone. No one hurt any of my families and get away with it. Mark it anywhere. I, Ayisha Modi will let you stop mentioning Rev Obofour’s name.

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“One thing most people don’t know about me is my background. Agrada, ask those bodyguards of yours they will tell you that the land where you sit your nonsense self to disrespect my family belongs to us. You f*ck with my ppl I swear I will show u that u are a nobody,” she wrote on Instagram.

Watch the video below for more:

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