Video: Bawku Technical Institute students stage massive demo over strict exams invigilation

Bolgatanga Technical Institute and Bawku Technical Institute were closed by REGSEC after student rioting.

Students went into a frenzy, pelting instructors and guards with stones and trashing school properties.

Four students, a teacher, and a National Service Person from Bolgatanga Technical Institute were interrogated by the NIB on August 1, 2022, over suspected test misconduct.

Some students rioted in response to this and were accused of tight invigilation.

Final year students must travel from residences to schools every test day to take Certificate II Core and Elective Subjects. Irate students vandalized five automobiles, many motorcycles, and school property.

Upper East Regional Minister and REGSEC Chairman Stephen Yakubu announced the decision in Bolgatanga to ensure peace and security in schools in the area.

“What’s occurring here is the same as at Bawku Technical Institute, therefore it’s a synchronized strategy.”

“So, we’ve decided to shut the schools. Everyone must leave by 1600 hours, and final-year students may only come if they have a paper to write,” he stated.

He stated schools would have security and warned that lawbreakers would be punished.

He said, “We won’t let anybody violate security on campus or in this area.”

Principal of Bolgatanga Technical Institute Zachary Yorose said the NIB took up two final-year and two second-year pupils.

He stated the Electrical Department Head had formed a WhatsApp group for himself, the students, and a National Service Person.

The National Service Person allegedly shared mathematics problems via WhatsApp, which second-year students answered and third-year students accessed outside the test venue.

He said the suspects were transferred to NIB’s Bolgatanga Regional Headquarters and were released with instructions to report later.

When students began rioting, damaging property, and throwing stones, the administrator transferred the suspects to the NIB quarters.

He claimed the students criticised the suspects’ questioning and the severe invigilation that prevented cheating.



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