Video: “Biblically, God is not against intercourse before marriage” – Apostle Kennedy Afreh Poku

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Apostle Kennedy Afreh Poku

Pastor Kennedy Afreh Poku has strongly encouraged that people have intercourse before marriage, insisting that God is not against the act.

Interviewed on ‘In Bed with Adwen’ which airs on eTV Ghana, he told host, Adwen the Love Doctor that God exempted Himself from marriage the moment Adam told God that it was the woman that He (God) gave to him who caused him to sin.

“If you meet a woman, you must have sex with her before getting married to her. Anything that you haven’t eaten, you can’t bear witness of it so you must have intercourse with her first to know if you enjoy it”, he said.

He noted that the part of the Bible that says ‘He who finds a wife…’ means that the man is to find his own wife and not that God is to find a wife for man, hence, if intercourse is what a man needs to experience with his partner to be able to decide if she is really his lost rib, he is free to do because God has already exempted Himself from the act of marriage.

According to the apostle, pastors do not validate marriages, they only bless them, therefore, the actual act of marriage is that which involves the meeting of the family members of both the man and the woman, and the pastor does not necessarily need to be involved.

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