Video: Black Sherif’s career will end after 5 years – Dr UN predicts

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Dr. UN has made the assertion that the music career of Ghanaian singer Black Sherif would come to an end in the next five years.

During an interview on Pure FM, Dr. UN said that he has been approached by a large number of individuals who want him to honor the young star. However, he never fails to tell them no.

According to him, whenever someone approaches him with the intention of awarding Black Sherif, they always put him on the same bloodline as Sarkodie.

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Not taking into account the fact that the African rap king has been a mainstay in the industry for the last decade.

He added that the only way he would give Black Sherif an award is if the artist can continue to be successful in the music business over a period of five years, which is something he is certain will never occur.

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Because Black Sherif’s prominence in the entertainment business would begin to wane after five years, as DR UN has foretold.

So, he does not want to give him an award for this reason. Simply because he does not deserve to be honored.


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