(+VIDEO) Crippled Frank Fiifi Gharbin reveals deep secrets and occultism in Kumawood and actors who uses juju

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Award-winning Kumawood Movie Director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has shared the encounter that probably led to his current state in a current interview.

Recalled it was reported by GHBase how he’s unable to walk and bedridden over his encounter with juju in the movie industry.

The ailing actor speaking to Busumuru Sean Kingston said from what he has gathered from a traditional priest, juju is at work. That is to say, someone in the movie industry is working against him.

Whiles receiving treatment at a spiritual and herbal centre for his swollen legs, he granted an interview on Inside Prime TV where he detailed the actual incident that led to his inability to walk.

During the interview, he spoke a one juju encounter he experienced since joining the Kumawood movie industry.

According to Fiifi Gharbin, he did a project at Ejura in the Ashanti Region and in the night, an Ejura based colleague known as Dunga told him they should go and hang out in a drinking spot.

On their way back home from the drinking spot, the road was very dark with absolute silence and they saw a strange person dressed as a priest approaching.

The strange started asking him questions and scaring him but he remained quiet without answering him and all of a sudden he vanished.

After he had vanished, Dunga told him the strange person approached to hurt him, Frank Gharbin but because of his strong spirit, he couldn’t.

Dunga said to him that he has spiritual eyes so he saw whatever the strange person came to do and the industry person who sent him.

Watch the video below;

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