Video demonstration of how to steam the vajayjay and make it tight and sweet emerges

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In our contemporary setting where women go to any length to ensure that they present the best vajayjay in bed to ‘score points’, this new video of a woman offering a simple alternative would be refreshing to them.

The woman herein, Gertrude Mungai is a popular media personality, lifestyle coach, and YouTuber who recently shared a video showing how to steam the toto in a facility believed to be a spa.

The mother of two spread her legs and positioned her backside on a steaming ceramic pot with aromatic smoke coming out which obviously goes straight to the private part.

The smoke is meant to remove unpleasant odors, improve blood circulation and cure infections. The spices and herbs used in the steaming process also tighten the vajayjay by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

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From research, this kind of treatment is conversant with the people of Indonesia.

The tradition lives on for Indonesian brides to date as a way to “freshen up” in preparation for their wedding night.

Watch the video below;


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