(+VIDEO) Friend of Abesim kɨller who exposed him of his properties reveals more secrets about him and how he tried to kɨll him

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Nyame Noah, a friend of the Abesim murder suspect who exposed his friend revealing the number of taxis and the mansion he was putting up before his infamous arrest has once again opened up on he ended his relationship with the serial killer.

a friend of the infamous Abesim Killer has opened up on how he ended his association with him.

In an interview with Sunyani based Ark Fm, he talked about how he called it a quit on his friendship with Richard Appiah after he suspected him of acquiring wealth through dubious means.

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Nyame Noah got to know about these properties when he went to Richard Appiah for help as he was jobless.

It was during their conversation that the suspect bragged about owning 13 taxis and an uncompleted building project.

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He offered to employ him to help him in his surveying and farming jobs which Nyame Noah accepted.

Richard Appiah’s behaviour got him suspicious but the friend gave him the benefit of the doubt until he attempted to take his life one day whiles working together on the farm.

Listen to the full narration in the video below;

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBAOj_gOndA&w=804&h=452]


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