VIDEO: Gays Disgust Me! – Repented Homosexual Sheds Light on His Experiences

A 21-year-old male gospel singer who seems to be on fire for God has recounted his dreadful experience as a homosexual struggling to break free from the shackles of ‘Gayism’ as it was something that disgusted him.

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In an interview with Ghbase TV, the gentleman spoke about how his 11-year-old cousin introduced him to the act. After which he seemed to be unable to do away with, regardless of the numerous attempts he made.

“My cousin who was like a brother to me told me about homosexuality. He asked me to try it, and I said okay. One day, we were arranging brooms for our elder siblings to sell in the market so we get money. So, as we were cutting the palm leaves in the bush, we ended up having sex. My first time having gay sex was in the bush.”

After that, it had been a tough ride. No matter how much he tried to stop, destitution and poverty kept drawing him back. He had simply gotten addicted to the act.

“I did not experience any attraction towards these people. Since I was hungry, I would have sex with a man, despite his physical features.”

Things took a turn for the better after a near-death experience with a man who seemed to be an occult. According to him, God saved him, and he vowed to never engage in homosexuality again as it was a useless act.

“When I arrived at his[the occult’s] house, I mistakenly opened a door. In the room, I saw idols, blood and other fetish things. That was what made me realize that the man was into something. I felt he was going to do something bad to me, so I ran away,” he narrated.

Due to the fact that he has no other source of income as he has repented, he took the opportunity to solicit for funds on air. He however strictly cautioned homosexuals not to contact him as he hates seeing people who are involved in the act.

“If you have any advice to give me, I am ready to receive it. But, I am warning gays not to call me. Do not call me or chat me. Because, I hate to see someone who is into this. If you have repented and you would like to share your experiences and advise me, fine. But, if you are involved, do not call me, no matter how much money you have. Take it away, because I do not like it.”


Watch full interview below:

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