Video: GH guys claim they can’t cook because their mom failed to teach them so who taught them how to chop a lady? – Naomi Gold quizzes

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In Africa and typical of our Ghanaian homes, cooking is reserved for ladies as compared to the guys.

And it’s the influx of education that guys are forcing themselves to cook because of hostel and campus lifestyle.

Regardless, cooking is seen as a ladies’ job as in the voice of most guys, their mothers’ failed to teach them how to cook, Naomi Gold has observed.

But according to g to Naomi Gold, the same Ghanaian guys who claim they can’t cook are well-versed in bedroom skills or simply put when it comes to removing panties, bras and chopping ladies.

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So, the FAQs is, who taught them how to have crazy intercourse with ladies which some can even shift womb?

As a reminder, Naomi God is the lady who was fingered live in the studios of UTv by Ghana’s very own Counsellor Lutterodt on the “Red Light” show hosted by Vicky Zugah.

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So, guys, who taught you how to have a great s.3kx? Is it your mother or elder sister? Drop your comments for the ladies to know especially Naomi Gold.

VIDEO Below:


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