Video: Ghanaian Soldier Caught On Camera Stealing IPhone From Phone Shop

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A video making rounds on social media has agitated Ghanaians to the extent that, people have started questioning some actions of law enforcers in the country.

The said video shows how a man in military uniform, is seen sneaking an iPhone from a phone counter into his pocket.

Analyzing the whole situation, netizens have explained that the shop attendant who was not around the counter at the time, was probably taking care of some business or attending to a customer. Most people feel that perhaps, it was his absence that gave this military officer the slim window to steal the mobile phone.

After successfully securing the Phone into the deep pockets of his uniform, he scurried out of the shop unaware that his little theft sitch  had been caught on camera.

This leaves us to question, If Thieves are stealing and officers are stealing, who catches the thief?

watch video below;

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Soldier caught stealing iPhone from phone shop?

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