(+VIDEO) Groom in angry mood as his University mates from KNUST storm his wedding uninvited to display Conti Tradition

A member of the Continental Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science of Technology who decided to do a lowkey wedding had his day marred by his mates.

The guy according to information decided to have a wedding without the knowledge of his friends but had the surprise of his life when the friends he prevented from knowing about the wedding stormed the premises to display their Conti power.

To his surprise, while in church taking the marriage vows, the Continental Hall arrived unannounced and defied the presence of the pastor and family elders of the groom and bride and stormed the church to display their tradition.

Footages show how the groom frowned his face but that didn’t stop his friends from displaying.

See the video below;


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