Video: Heavily pregnant Jackie Appiah gets people talking as she is unable to walk well

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has attracted a lot of reactions from social media users after a video of her heavily pregnant popped up.

Jackie Appiah was seen with her manager at blogger Nkonkonsa’s 4020 party which happened yesterday at the Airport West Hotel was seen walking uncomfortably in heels and heavily pregnant.

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Feeling uncomfortable and heavy, Jackie Appiah grabbed a seat and made herself comfortable at the entrance of the place where the party was being held.

The MC, Abeiku Santana was heard in the background acknowledging her presence and inviting her to come to the stage so she would be seen but it appears the heavily pregnant actress was so tired to walk to the front.

Some netizens have reacted to the video of Jackie Appiah…

@Jackie_appiahba commented, “She might be pregnant oooo….cus eiiii“.

@Aj_collections also said; “it’s obvious she’s uncomfortable you people should leave her alone go after your president he’s the one you should be attacking 🤨🤨🤨🤨”.

@Kayamata queen also said, “She shld hv worn flats if she’s not feeling well or in pains“.

@Georgina also said; “Pregnant and walking in heels is not an easy thing.. Jackie is beautiful 😍“.

@Oyunelson: “I think this lady is pregnant 🤔😌😋“.

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