Video: The Horrible But Love Song KalyBos Sang For Ahoufe Patri In The New Airtel Ad

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Kalybos is a sensation and Airtel is not just ready to let him go yet. Am sure you remember his very first airtel advert, that propelled him into a higher level. Then the second one came, then the third and now another one.

Kalybos is doing wonders for the telco, and i bought an airtel sim just because of Kalybos and i am pretty sure most people just like me have also moved to airtel. I realised that there was soo much for me on their network and i have decided to stay forever.

Airtel has introduced a new form of music show, that gives people a chance to sing any song of their choice without been physically present of any panel of judges. I think it’s a laudable idea, and the partnership they having with Trace to being us that is sure going to get more people auditioning.

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I just couldn’t stop laughing watching this new advert to promote the campaign. And you know, i have always posted anything Kalybos. His life is an inspiration to me and many others.

Watch the video below,


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