Video: ‘I Got Grammy Awards Consideration Last Year But GH Media Was Silent About It’ – Quata Budukusu Jabs GH Media

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Ghana’s originator of tongue twisting, Quata Budukusu has expressed concern about how the media takes delight in pushing negative agenda but overlook good and creative initiative by artistes.

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Quata Budukusu made an appearance on TV Africa’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’ entertainment segment to lash out at those media houses whose prime motive in the game is to kill the Ghana music industry. According to him, the media fails to talk about good stuff capable of inspiring artistes to do their best.

“The media is killing the industry because they fail to talk about real things that happen. They only choose to talk about the negative things about artistes comparably to good stuff”, Quata revealed.

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The ‘banger’ hitmaker went further to buttress his point by citing how the media failed to talk about his moves when his ‘Quantum Riddim’ reggae album was selected for Grammy Awards consideration in 2017.

“I got considered for the best album in the whole world for Grammy last year but no media house talked about it and I think they’re killing the industry. Also, I’m a voting member of the Grammy, Texas chapter but no media house is talking about it. Most artistes are doing great things to uplift the music industry but the media is absolutely silent”, he said.

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Quata Budukusu concluded that it’s high time Ghanaians support their own like the Nigerians. To him, media houses in Nigeria support and push good stuff but it’s entirely different in Ghana – Pull Him Down (PHD) syndrome is the agenda of the media.

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