(+VIDEO) I Used My “Polytank” To Marry A Handsome Man – Old Video Of Xandy Kamel Bragging About Her Marriage Pops Up

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An Old video has surfaced online showing Xandy Kamel bragging about getting married to a handsome man despite not having a flat tummy.

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A lot of women are taking in concoctions just to get a perfect shape and reduce the size of their tummies at all cost.

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Even though Xanzy Kamel is selling all kinds of slimming products, she doesn’t seem to consume the product herself as her tummy is still big despite not being pregnant. The video that surfaced reveals Xandy in a call with a friend telling her how she has successfully used her “polytank” to marry a handsome man while the rest of her friends with flat tummy are still single.

Well, it seems all the products she is selling about keeping the Honeypot tight and creamy also failed as well.

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For now, Xandy’s marriage is in shambles and its unclear if she will make up with her husband or go ahead with a divorce.

Watch the video below;

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