Video: “If a nurse gets hold of your boyfriend, forget getting him back” – A registered nurse tells ladies  

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If a nurse gets hold of your boyfriend, forget getting him back

While being a nurse is not an absolute guarantee that you will meet the love of your life, it certainly does open up a lot of options for you in the dating field.

Guys are attracted to nurses: smart nurses, naughty nurses, tough nurses, and nurses who, to put it plainly, know their sh*t.

When you introduce yourself to people as a nurse, eyes light up and almost everyone wants to talk to you.

And according to this registered Ghanaian nurse, if care is not taken and a lady stoops so low and allows a nurse gets hold of her boyfriend, that will be the end of their relationship tales.

In the voice of the nurse, no lady will win the fight of love if a nurse is involved as they know and understand the language of love and relationship past ladies’ in other professions.


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