Video: “I’m 32 but having a child for myself has never been a dream” – Gay Ignatius Annor

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Ghanaian broadcast journalist Ignatius Annor, says he has no plans of having children. He made this known in an Instagram Live chat with Amanda Jissih on Saturday.

The Euro News/ Africa News journalist, who recently made his sexuality boldly known when issues of the LGBT community in Ghana came to, therefore, refused to talk about his role in his sexual encounters. However, he opened up about being gay and having children.

“As I speak to you, I am 32 years old. It’s never been a dream for me to have children. Not every human-being was born to have children. It is not a dream to have one for myself. It doesn’t mean I don’t love children.

“I have an incredible love for kids because once many years ago I was a kid. But will I have one myself? I don’t think so. Will I take care or adopt a child? You’ll never know what the future holds, but right now it is not a dream I have for myself.”

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