Video: “I’m not mad as Ghanaians see me” – Mona Mo Blɛ breaks silence

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Ghanaian mad celebrity Born Agya Ampofo popularly known as ‘Mona Mo Blɛ’ has stated categorically that he’s not mad as Ghanaians have perceived.

Speaking to Kofi Adoma Nwanwnwanii on Kofi TV, Mona Mo Blɛ denied the fact that he is mad and said he likes smoking weed and he thinks when he stops, he will start dressing neatly and gently.

Kofi Adoma during the interview asked Mona Mo Blɛ’ whether he is mad or not, he stood there for about one minute then breathed in and said he is not mad.

“I’m not mad, though I smoke weed but for the past two days now, I haven’t tasted some yet”

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Kofi Adoma upon entering his room saw that he doesn’t have a bed and nothing in the room asked what he needs though Kofi Adoma gave him a small radio because he knows that’s one thing the mad man needs but in response to that Mona Mo Blɛ said he needs fifteen thousand Ghana cedis that made everybody busted into laughter.

Watch the full video via the link below as Kofi Adoma interviews both parents of the mad celebrity’s family.

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