Video: “In my next world, I wouldn’t marry a man who has kids” – Adwoa Saah vows

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Adwoa Saah, 2nd runner up of the maiden edition of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful, has said she would not marry a man who has kids with other women if she could turn back the hands of time.

“Not because he hasn’t proven himself that he was worth the risk. But because the tantrums are a bit too much,” she told Delay. “I once told him that I’ve become an enemy to people because of him. Perhaps, some people loved me but because he’s had a thing with them before, I’ve become a victim of their attacks. I don’t think it’s healthy.”

After getting married to Solomon Akwasi Boateng in 2016, the television personality has not had her peace of mind citing the husband’s past as the reason.

While debunking claims that Mr. Boateng was still having an affair with the mothers of his kids at the time they [Adwoa and Boateng] tied the knot, she mentioned that the man has two kids with different women, a situation he never hid from her.

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A few moments after news of their marriage landed in the public domain, pictures that captured the husband and other women also surfaced online, fueling speculations that she had settled for a man who has a wife already.

The mother-of-two who used to share pictures of her husband on social media has put a stop to the practice because “he is my husband and our marriage is not for show.

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According to her, not every relationship leads to marriage so, “let’s forget about the ‘he went out with me but didn’t marry me’ thing”.

In spite of the challenges, Adwoa Saah said she has no regrets marrying Mr. Boateng but said “in my next world, I wouldn’t marry a man who has kids.”

Watch the interview below for more:

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