(+VIDEO) Kasoa: Jealous g∂γ lover stabs his partner for having affair with female lover

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A jealous g@ϒ lover who couldn’t stand the sight of his lover having an affair with his female lover took matters into his hands and stabbed him.

The issue which was reported at the Kasoa New Market Police Station saw the two male partners having their statement read by their employer.

According to the employer, the two identified as Prince Nyator and Evans Amoah are his employees but never knew they have been engaging in that activity until he noticed Evans had been hurt by the other.

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According to the employer, he asked what ensued but they denied any altercation until he sent them to the Police station to be interrogated as to why one had been bruised.

So it was at the Police station that they confessed to being g@y partners.

As to why Prince stabbed Evans, they narrated that they have been chopping themselves for the past two weeks but the latter called his girlfriend on phone; and out of jealu]ousy, a fight broke between the two causing Prince to stab his partner.

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Watch the video below;


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