Video: Jehovah Witness members shouldn’t be given gov’t jobs – Akua Donkor

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The Founder of the Ghana Freedom Party, Madam Akua Donkor has served notice that she will disband the religious sect, Jehovah Witnesses when elected President of Ghana.

According to her, the sect is responsible for the low turnout in both general and district level elections over the years; a situation she contends is most unfortunate and must be stopped.

Speaking to Kofi Tv, Akua Donkor made it emphatic that Jehovah Witness members shouldn’t be allowed to work in government institutions provided she becomes Ghana’s president.

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To her, a person who doesn’t vote during elections doesn’t qualify to get government appointment in reference jobs.

For the purpose of clarity, Jehovah Witnesses are known to remain politically neutral for religious reasons, based on what the Bible teaches.

They do not lobby, vote for political parties or candidates, run for government office, or participate in any action to change governments.

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They believe that the Bible gives solid reasons for following this course. They follow the example of Jesus, who refused to accept political office. (John 6:15).

He taught his disciples to be “no part of the world” and made it clear that they should not take sides in political issues. —John 17:14, 16; 18:36; Mark 12:13-17.

Video Below:

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