(+VIDEO) Jobless Man Kills His Fiancee Of 8 Years For Refusing To Register Her Car In His Name

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Just when we thought the bad news for 2020 was over, we get hit with another one and this one is all the way from Nigeria. A report by Nigerian Blogger Ngozi Ikebuaso, suggests that a man has allegedly stabbed his fiancee of eight years to death for buying a car and refusing to register it in his name.

Apparently, the couple are not officially married so the woman didn’t know why she should register a car that she bought with her own money in his name.

The couple is said to be staying together for the past 8 years but the man never paid her bride price.

Ngozi shared photo of the woman whose remains were soaked in her own blood.

The ordeal happened in Lagos, Nigeria.

“A man with the help of his 16 years old nephew stabbed his wife to death because she refused to use his name in her new bought car documents.

The woman said she can’t use his name on the documents because the said man never paid her bride price ( they are just leave in lovers. Di na nwuye ndi Lagos)and have not married her after living together for 8 years.

They locked her in immediately she came back from shop and killed her. This is a jobless man that has been feeding off the woman. This is so sad”.

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