Video: Kaakie Crushes The Balls Of One Gabonese During Her Performance

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This is when i get to say “Why not me?”. Well, i wasn’t in Gabon at the time, like I would have had that lap dance from the dancehall artiste Kaakie.

Kaakie was among some selected artists who performed at a concert in Gabon. The ‘Too Much’ dancehall musician performed last Friday, January 16th 2015 at a concert in Gabon and gave a lap dance to one of those Gabonese who was at the concert.

Sure, the dude must have had great fan to have our dancehall queen give him a lap dance, he has never had before in his life till that day! Do you see all that as** twerking on him? And do make sure you check the dude’s hands, he’s been tied with a rope, so he doesn’t escape from kaakie’s big fat as**….Damn!

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Watch the video below:


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