Video: Kyweiwaa Breaks Up Marriage With ‘American Man’ Just After 4 Days Of Getting Married

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The thing about love is sometimes hard to explain and it’s just unfortunate that, this had to happen. informed you about one woman claiming to be the wife of the man Kyeiwaa had married recently.

When the news broke out that, the Kumawood Actress had gotten married, it was a joyous in pictures, only for one woman to come out the next day that, she’s married to the man who got married to Kyeiwaa.

News was that, both families had several meetings in order to resolve the issue and unfortunately things didn’t turn out well. Kyeiwaa is reported to have broken up with the marriage as the man lied to her by not disclosing to her that, he was married.

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In the video below, the actress is seen returning the ring given to her by Daniel Osei aka American man.  She’s heard saying in Twi “Because your son didn’t tell me the truth, I want to return these items, and you would hear from me later.

Yes, there you have it, it’s not a movie, it’s a real life thing people. It’s pretty sad for the 52 year old actress. What was the man even thinking? That no one would know that, he was married? Come on, you are marrying a celebrity and not Akosua Asiedu, who lives next door and no one knows her


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