Video: Men cheat but women cheat best – Actress insists

Amma Serwaa, a Ghanaian actress and fashion designer, has said that, contrary to popular belief, women are naturals when it comes to cheating on their boyfriends.

She claims that women can be just as discreet as males when they so desire.

She told Adwen on Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ that there is no way to find out what a woman is hiding from you if she so chooses.

A woman might easily make the choice to cheat on her partner. They’ll sneak up on you and do it without you even noticing.

Men may be dishonest, but women are always reliable, as the old adage goes. She said, “A woman may go out and cheat on her spouse and come back and have sex with him and he won’t even know it.”

She did note, however, that this is only the case when the lady in issue is very bright.

“Men who boast that they can catch their wives cheating are “obviously not knowing what women are capable of,” she said.

Amma Serwaa stressed that a clever lady would cheat on her husband without leaving any hints.

According to her, “she may have sex with as many guys as she wants even within a day and even come back to have sex with you and you would not know she has gone to cheat.”



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