(+VIDEO) My serious girlfriend’s Sakawa boyfriend came to me with bedroom videos of the two warning me to stay away – Broken heart guy narrate in tears

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A young man believed to be in his late twenties has bemoaned the pain he suffered at the hands of her girlfriend.

The young man who according to his narration has provided accommodation for his girlfriend who is a nursing student was met with the biggest shock of his life when he realised the lady was cheating with a scammer.

According to him, he was pre-informed of the relationship but never believed until his birthday when he wanted to go down on the lady.

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The lady who had fallen out of love with the guy didn’t allow him t have his way and left for her house.

He continued that he was once at his shop when the scammer stormed there with his friends and warned him to stay away from the lady for reason that they’re dating.

He queried for evidence and that was when he was shown a series of bedroom videos involving the two.

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Listen to the full narration below;


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