Video: “No Jobs in Ghana so sports betting is all that boys do for survival” – Man sadly reveals

There are indications that the proliferation of sports and betting (gaming) centres in Ghana are destroying the youth of this country.

A round of several betting shops at Nima, Kotobabi, Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Abeka Lapaz over the weekend revealed that a large proportion of Ghanaian youth were engaged in betting almost completely to the exclusion of all else.

Simply put, it appears that betting centres are springing up at every street corner every day. Betting and Gambling have become a multimillion-dollar business across Ghana.

Property owners are in a hurry to convert their side street properties to gaming centres. Subsequently, every street corner in our Towns and cities are seeing the upspring of betting centres.

And from the look of things, Ghana’s youthful population of about 57% are consumed in gambling perhaps largely due to the hardships in Ghana as revealed by a social media user.

According to the man, boys are really suffering in Ghana, therefore, sports betting have become the order of the day as they resort to it for their daily bread.



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