Video: No One Has Really Gotten To Me That Much & I Didn’t Mean Anything I Said In ‘Kanta’-SARKODIE

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]anifest’s name would have to be recorded in Ghana’s Music history books as the only artiste to have pissed Sarkodie to the extent that he had to dedicate a whole song dissing Manifest.

I need not to remind you of the famous godMC-Kanta beef that got social media buzzing for days, with the fans of these artistes poking at each other.

sarkodie on kanta
Sarkodie-Ghanaian rapper

Many people have opined that, Sarkodie sounded angry when he was recording ‘Kanta’ and I concur with them but in a recent interview, Sarkodie revealed that he didn’t really mean all of the things he said in the song but admitted that, the godMC track really got to him.

Sarkodie made the revelation known in an interview on Behind The Move, a webisode hosted by Ghanaian Blogger and YFM Kumasi radio presenter, Ebenezer Donkoh.

Sarkodie mentioned in the interview that artistes come at him every time and that it’s not just 2016.

“I can swear to God that no one has really gotten to me that much for me to feel like, herh but this boy… it’s never been like that for me.”

“ We all say we are the best rappers but we don’t have the best rapper because no rapper has the whole world backing you..”

It’s nothing personal and i swear if something is personal I can’t write. It takes ages to write something that’s personal..”

Sarkodie maintained that the whole ‘Kanta’ song was nothing personal and that he only did it to spice the industry up and that was why he added all of the humor to it ( perhaps why he brought in the kabab thing) and that it takes him time to write a song that is really personal and means everything that he says in it. He gave his ‘Mile 7’ song as an example of a song that was very personal.

Anyways, watch the full interview below and be the judge. Drop your comments below and let me think what you also think. 

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