Video of Asantehene kneeling before a white man in church for prayers in the UK pops up

Asantehene, Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has been in the news lately for all the good and bad reasons.

First, it was the video of him exposing some government officials who asked him no to say bad things about the government concerning the illegalities of small scale mining which has become a subject of interest for many Ghanaians.

Weeks after exposing the government official, popular US-based Ghanaian critic, Twene Jonas took him on together with all traditional rulers in Ghana.

Twene Jonas called the Ashanti King a failure who had taken a bribe from the Government to stop him from speaking against illegal mining activities that are ruining our water bodies.

Following his critic and insults, some chiefs have rained curses on Twene Jonas with one of Asantehene’s chiefs asking Jonas to fly down to kneel in front of the King to render an apology for spewing garbage against their chief.

The latest about the Asantehene has to do with a video of him receiving prayers in an Anglican Church in England.

In the video, the Asantehene is seen kneeling in front of a white priest who poured oil on his head and used his palm to rub the surface of the head.

Apparently, he went through this ritual whiles taking the communion whiles on a visit to our colonial master’s land.

The video has attracted mixed reactions from people who view his actions as an insult to tradition and others who see nothing wrong with it from the Christian point of view.

Video below;

One social media user commented; He’s serving the god of Isreal and you think they can use antoa to curse somebody?

@ssimply_natty also wrote; He’s an Anglican and he’s performing his obligations as an Anglican.
Just like how the president pays respect to Otumfuor when he goes to AR.
what’s wrong is the comments in the video

@_Roofman2131gh agreed with @ssimply_natty; Totally agree, the new wave of kings have their own religion before becoming kings and there’s nothing that’s stop them from being that faith and still being king,if those two were to be conflicted am sure he would’ve dropped one before becoming king


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