Video Of Funny Face’s Twins Looking All Grown With Their Mother Vanessa

A video of the twin girls of Funny Face looking all grown with their mother Vanessa Nicole has hit the net and we love how beautiful and big the girls are growing.

Funny Face loves his kids very much but for some circumstances, he hasn’t been able to see them for a while now and we all know what his actions to see them some months ago resulted to.

Vanessa Nicole, the mother of his twins have shared a video of the girls looking all grown and turning into beautiful young ladies and you can see they are doing really well even though we can’t say the same about their emotional feeling in the absence of their father.

But it’s good to know that the kids are good and looking healthy and they are growing into beautiful young ladies which their father Funny Face will surely be happy to see if he even can’t get close to them.

video below;



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