Video of Ghanaian teacher misteaching pupils raises concern of quality tuition in public schools

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A video gives a sad account of a Ghanaian teacher brazenly misteaching and misinforming pupils.

The video which has been on the internet for a while has broken many hearts and aided in raising legitimate concerns over the quality of tuition pupils especially those in the public schools receive.

Per the content of the video, the teacher was seen ignorantly teaching the students the past tense of the verb “Come” and went on to ask the pupils to mention the name of a country with the help of the prefix “came”.

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The teacher had “Cameroon” in his head and was asking the pupils to mention what was in his head with the help of the prefix “Came”. Meanwhile, the prefix did not match in terms of pronunciation of the word “Cameroon”. The students were just confused as they looked on perplexed.

This has given many parents and Ghanaians a reason to peruse the quality of education pupils receive and question the level of what many describe as the rubbish most naive students are fed with.

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