Video of Ghanian driver struggling to change gears while car is in motion ‘disturbs’ the internet

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A hilarious video of a driver struggling to change a very rigid gear in a dilapidated vehicle that was still in motion has surfaced on the internet and heralded with funny reactions.

From a different perspective, it looks as though the car was now being started as the driver whose face was not captured in the video struggled to change the gear to the preferred position.

Watch the video below;

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In other news, a man who reportedly takes delight in banging married women has met his waterloo after his recent meal choked him.

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Per a video we obtained from the Instagram page of blogger Van De Maestro, the man was seen stuck inside the woman he was having intercourse with on her matrimonial bed.

After they’re tried unsuccessfully to disengage, they started shouting for help when reality dawned on them and the impending shame that has befallen them.

A native doctor and probably the man’s husband arrived at the scene to use mystical means to separate them while they groaned agonizingly in pain.

Other family members of the duo also stormed the place to witness the spectacle which is a superstitious occurrence common in a lot of African countries.


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