Video of trainer playing with Cheddar’s tigers shared online, Watch video

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In furtherance of the Freedom Jacob Caesar’s tigers’ issue that has dominated a part of the social media landscape in Ghana, a new video development about the foregoing has emerged.

Accra: Freedom Cheddar’s tigers to be relocated from Wonda World Estates – Police

A video of an expert who happens to be a trainer of the two wild animals has been posted online.

The trainer in trying to defend his boss, suggested that the cacophony of voices being expressed by a section of Ghanaians especially Ceasar’s neighbours is baseless.

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“You see how sociable they are; they’d welcome you alright, I will touch them, I hold them, I hold their tales, they would say ‘hello’ to me, we’d go there, we play ball and they are okay,” the trainer said.

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Watch the video below;

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