Video of Xandy Kamel endorsing sidechics for married men re-emerges following marital cracks 

Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel has called for a dissolution of her marriage to sports journalist Kaninja after the former accused the latter of cheating.

A marriage that is barely a year old has developed several potholes which have resulted in an emotional Xandy washing their dirty linens in public.

Xandy was accusing her husband of cheating on her and bashing him for infidelity. According to her, her husband’s expedition with sidechics was the reason the marriage was hitting the rocks.

However, a video has re-emerged on social media which gives an account of Xandy Kamel – then unmarried – endorsing the advent of married men going out there for side chics.

According to her, she saw nothing wrong with the phenomenon since it opened opportunities for other single ladies to have men in their lives.

With her marriage experiencing a shipwreck, would it be safe to say Xandy Kamel’s words are coming back to bite her?

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