Video: Older Women Are Good in Bed Than Those In Their 20s – Uncle Ebo Whyte

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Uncle Ebo Whyte

There has always been an argument about what age group performs better when it comes to se.x.

Some people have maintained that younger people are better because they have stamina and strength while others have said that older ones, due to experience, have an advantage.

Renowned playwright Ebo Whyte has shared his view on the issue. According to him, although his experience was not a bad one, he had no idea how much better it would get in his older days.

“All of you in your 20s and 30s who think you’re having sekx you don’t know anything… I thought I was good, I wasn’t that bad but with the years I could see oh my God so what were we doing when we were younger,” he said in a video on Instagram.

Ebo Whyte said that being better at sekx after he aged has been comforting.

“I know men are going to make faces but I will tell them to wait till they are 66 and come back with a rebuttal,” he said.

Watch his video below:

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