Video: How One Boss Chick Known As Dotty Lana Tried Beating Shatta Michy At Hajia4Real’s Party

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So last night, Hajia4Real’s Christmas party, ‘Global Wave’ came off at the Club Onyx and we’ve gathered that there was some fight between Shatta Wale’s baby mama, Shatta Michy and one lady identified as Dotty Lana, another slay queen who has about 100k followers on Instagram.

We’ve not been able to pick up on what actually started the fight but from rumours, we gathered on Social media, it turns out Hajia4Real and Dotty Lana are/were best of friends and now there’s Shatta Michy in the picture, so someone was jealous and that probably started the fight.

Well, since we cannot conclusively tell what actually caused the fight at the time of this post, we would just attach the video to the post and go do some more digging as to what happened.

In the video, we see Hajia4Real trying to stop the fight before it got serious.


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