Video: Only poor husbands help their wives in the kitchen and pound fufu — Counsellor Lutterodt

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Intimate partnerships and conjugal ties Counselor, Counselor George Lutterodt has said that males should not be responsible for kitchen labour.

He made the observation that any guy who attempts to add that to his responsibility is impoverished and has nothing else to do in life other than try to do that.

The Counsellor contends that men of worth do not do tasks related to cooking or cleaning.

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He went on to say that even in the village, where most of the residents are not contemporary, the men who go to the market to purchase supplies for the kitchen are ridiculed for indulging in such a habit.

He said this even though the majority of the villagers are not modern.

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“It’s not the duty of any man to help a woman in the kitchen, what are you looking for? If you meet a man pounding fufu for his wife, then he is a poor man. It is not normal for any man to help his wife in the kitchen. In the village, if men help their women in the kitchen, they are given names. It is the duty of a woman to be in the kitchen and when she allows her man in there, people insult her,” he said on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show.

On the other hand, Prophet Kumchacha, who was also a guest on the program, disagreed with him and said that men behave in such a way to demonstrate their love for their spouses.

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It was his contention that the kitchen was not intended only for the use of females. In addition, he said that it is expected of males to provide assistance whenever it is required.

“You are lying. It is helping the wife. Don’t be saying such things. Stop what you are saying. What do you mean by the man is poor if he helps his wife?” the man of God fumes.




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